I'm an advanced student of image making who hopes to never stop learning, and a long-time photographer who enjoys sharing my work and my experience with others. The central focus of my work is on emotive portraiture, artistic and conceptual nudes, and figure compositions, but the scope of my work also includes, nature and landscape, still life, and digitally enhanced creative portraits. I use both film and digital cameras. I process images with a computer and in a wet darkroom. I print with high-end inkjet printers, with traditional silver gelatin paper, and with alternative processes.

Photo of Me

Photography is widely acknowledged as a documentary medium, and some even claim that's the essence of its nature, but there is no question for me that the true magic of photography lays in its expressive potential. I don't pick up a camera to record events and facts. I do it to expose feelings, examine subtleties, savor beauty, feed my curiosity ... to explore "what if..."



Portrait Commissions

I've closed my studio and now focus primarily on fine art work, but I do still consider portrait commissions on a case by case basis. I'm interested in working with clients who have an artistic vision for their portraits, an open and creative mindeset, and who want to engage in an artistic collaboration. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to do some very creative and rewarding projects featuring clients, their partners, and their families in unique personal artworks, and I've had the priviledge of seeing them display the resulting images with pride in their homes and offices. If you think you might like to invest in such a project please e-mail me to arrange a consultation.

Fine Art Commissions

I accept commissions to produce custom artwork for clients who want unique pieces to create an elegant adult atmosphere, fine art enthusiasts who want to add a particular theme, style, or model to their collection, and home or business owners who want a unique print to match a particular decor. Pricing is dependent on a variety of factors including size, subject matter, location requirements, number of prints, reproduction limitations, and presentation preferences. Please e-mail me to arrange a consultation.


Selected Exhibits and Awards

  • 2015, Black and White Spider Awards Nominee in Nude Photography
  • 2011, Light is a Gentle Lover, three-artist exhibition at the ANNEX
  • 2010, Black and White Spider Awards Nominee in Nude Photography
  • 2009, Unclad: The Fine Art of the Figure
  • 2008, Black and White Spider Awards Nominee in Nude Photography
  • 2007, Before Sumer's Shadow, solo exhibition at the ANNEX
  • 2007, Seattle Erotic Art Festival
  • 2005, Emerging Artist's Group

Perhaps more than any other art form, successful nude photography is dependent on the participation of models. Naked and vulnerable, unable to see from the camera's point of view, they must trust that the stranger behind the camera will respect their dignity, be sensitive to their vulnerability, and be true to an artistic spirit. I am sincerely grateful to the models who provide inspiration, open themselves to my creative explorations, and help turn my vision into imagery. Without their courage, dedication, and trust, my art simply would not exist.

Very few of the models I work with are professional models. They are people from all different walks of life who have an artistic spirit, appreciate my work, and have the courage to be a part of it. While previous experience may be helpful, it is not a requirement. The only absolute essentials are:

  • You must be 18 years or older and able to provide a government-issued photo ID as proof of age;
  • You must be able to take directions and have enough vision, imagination, emotion, and body awareness to pose gracefully and expressively for a variety of figure, concept, and portrait work;

If you are interested in modeling for me, I would love to talk with you. Please e-mail me your name, age, a recent photo of your face and a recent full-length photo, a brief description of any body mods, whether you have any prior modeling experience, and a little bit about why you're interested in modeling for my work.

Thank you for your consideration.


Client ~ Patron ~ Model ~ Muse
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