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I'm an advanced student of image making who hopes to never stop learning, and a long-time photographer who enjoys sharing my work and my experience with others. The central focus of my work is on artistic nude and figure compositions, emotive portraiture, and conceptual nudes, but the scope of my work also includes creative portraiture, nature and landscape, and still life.
Photography is widely acknowledged as a documentary medium, and some even claim that its documentary aspect is the essence of its nature, but there is no question for me that the true magic of photography lays in its expressive potential. I don't pick up a camera to record events and facts. I pick it up to expose feelings and explore "what ifs."
My work is about the image, not the process. I use both film and digital cameras. I process images with a computer and in a wet darkroom. I print with high-end inkjet printers, with traditional silver gelatin paper, and with alternative processes. And I mix them all up. If the path to the image I want to produce starts photoelectrically and ends photochemically, or vice versa, that's OK with me. My conception of my art doesn't manifest in specific media, methods, or traditions, but in producing the image I envision using what ever tools it takes to get there.
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